We welcome an opportunity to assist you in mapping out a plan to meet your personnel needs during the transitional times of a flexible economy or a change in business production. Using Pyramid for transitional staffing is an excellent way to keep your costs down and meet production increases too!

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"We appreciate your decision to look at the excellent future opportunities Pyramid Personnel can provide for you.

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“Building relationships based on trust, fairness & mutual respect creating one team with one purpose”

Pyramid Personnel is locally owned and dedicated to the principals of free enterprise. After many years in the Tulsa area a decision was made to launch a staffing company that would be unique in philosophy, creating a committed team with clients, temporary or permanent assigned employees, and Pyramid Personnel. With an abundance of staffing firms in the area, many staffing services struggle with high turnover and poor retention. The old way was a relationship between the staffing service and the worker and a relationship between the staffing service and the customer. There seemed a better way.

By replacing an established view of what staffing services were with a new view of what staffing services should be, a new staffing approach was created and Pyramid Personnel LLC was born.


Together we are creating a successful team., bringing you, Pyramid Personnel and our client together to provide you with a great work place at the best wages we can obtain, allowing you to excel and meet your work expectations and responsibilities. Maintaining excellent attendance, doing quality work and being committed offers future success.

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Pyramid is the place to apply!! Looking for the right job just got easier. Often job seekers get lost in the crowd of people looking for work, but at Pyramid, you become a priority immediately with us. Our staff is friendly and eager to help you find employment with a company that appreciates and values your work performance.

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