• We pledge allegiance to the United States of America, one Nation under God.
  • We believe in the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution.
  • We believe in Free Enterprise and the right to succeed in Business.
  • We respect all individuals who want to work and achieve a better life.
  • We believe there is honor in working and accepting responsibility for ourselves.
  • We believe in dreams and fulfilling them!

Welcome to Pyramid Personnel

Whether you are a company searching for excellent employees or you are looking for a great job with a great company, Pyramid Personnel can handle the challenge.

You deserve a staffing service that immediately responds and remains true to your standards every time you call and Pyramid is focused and dedicated to you.

If we don’t have the right person for you, we will tell you within the first hour!

If you are struggling to find work and don’t understand why you haven’t been hired, we will work with you to help you with issues.

  • Quality Personnel Standards
    Each Pyramid employee must be in agreement with the terms of employment with Pyramid Personnel as a representative in good standing before they are assigned work with our customers. Each must make a commitment to complete assignments, and take responsibility for their actions. Each employee is treated with respect, courtesy and concern for their job needs.

    All personnel goes through a screening program which includes previous work histories, clean driving records, drug screens, a National background check, intense in-depth interviews and testing.
  • Direct Hire Program
    Our customers also utilize Pyramid Personnel for direct hire needs and are pleased with a customer’s discount rate which is very competitive. Call Pyramid for more information.
  • Guaranteed Service
    Even though Pyramid enjoys high customer satisfaction plus excellent worker attendance. there are times when someone doesn’t show, the customer forgot to call and cancel the order, the worker confused a start time, etc. Problems do happen. Pyramid Personnel will always resolve problems immediately to the satisfaction of all concerned.